phpBB Extension - Add User

Allows administrators to add users to their forum

Version: 1.0.3
Published: 2016-04-21
Author: phpbbmodders
Keywords: phpbb, extension, add user
License: GPL-2.0
Rating: 1
Github: phpbbmodders/phpbb-3.1-ext-adduser

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Install Extension

Download the archive of the extension from here and unpack it. Copy then the entire contents of the archive to your phpBB forum to /ext/phpbbmodders/adduser. Now go into the admin area of the forum and chose the tab Customize, in the area Manage extensions is you now the extension Add User displayed under the disable extensions. Click behind the extension on the link Enable to activate the extension. After you have confirmed the action the extension is available in your forum.

Authors of extension

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phpBB Add User Extension

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phpBB Add User Extension allows an administrator of a forum to add a user into the phpBB database.



1. clone

Clone (or download and move) the repository into the folder phpBB3/ext/phpbbmodders/adduser:

cd phpBB3
git clone ext/phpbbmodders/adduser/
2. activate

Go to admin panel -> tab customise -> Manage extensions -> enable Add User


phpBB Add User Mod is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2 (GPL). A copy has been included in the package (license.txt).


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