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Online Since

phpBB3.1.x extension that displays the length of time your board has been online in Years, Months, Days, Hours and Minutes. The newly created ACP module gives you several options to play with. Permissions based, gives you the possibility to hide from the index page its view from the groups/users you want to. As per default is ON for the Registered Users Group.

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Author: threedi Version: 1.1.0-b1

Online users avatar

Users avatars in online list

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Author: dmzx Version: 1.0.1

Open Reports

Displays an indicator with the number of open reports.

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Author: cosmic Version: 0.0.2


Add opensearch support to the forum.

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Author: tas2580 Version: 0.1.0

Organise categories

This extension will arrange Global Announcements, Announcements and Stickies in a forum.

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Author: david63 Version: 2.1.0

oGame Extension

This is an Extension for phpBB 3.1 about oGame

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Author: un1matr1x Version: 0.3.1

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