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Tabbed Profiles

Divides the members profile into separate tabs

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Author: dmzx Version: 1.0.0

Tabs BBCode

This BBCode allows you to place some content inside tabs.

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Author: phpbbes Version: 1.0.1


Will add a tabscroll to your browser

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Author: dmzx Version: 1.0.0

Team Security Measures

Security measures to help watch over team member accounts.

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Author: phpbb Version: 1.0.0

Template Events

This extension for developers shows all core template and PHP events (phpBB 3.2.2)

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Author: marttiphpbb Version: 1.5.1


Displays a text box with a custom message in the header

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Author: rinsrans Version: 0.1.0

Thanks for posts

Adds the ability to thank the author (thanks to cancel), and use the rating system posts/topics/forums based on the issued of thanks.

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Author: gfksx Version: 2.0.2


Product management into phpbb

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Author: wardormeur Version: 0.0.1

Time to Read

Adds approximate read time for each topic in list of topics.

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Author: senky Version: 1.0.0


TimeAgo - Change the native phpBB timestamps to Fuzzy type - phpBB 3.1.3+

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Author: mop Version: 1.4.2b


Estensione Tipster

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Author: bruninoit Version: 0.1.0

Top Five

Displays statistics of the latest new posts, new users and most active users on the forum index page.

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Author: rmcgirr83 Version: 1.1.2

Top Poster Of The Month

Have a Top Poster of the Month and a Hall of Fame to show on your phpBB. The last poster with the max number of posts made into the current month's lapse of time will win. Provided are a customizable - Hall of fame - and a bunch of options in ACP and UCP. The extension requires PHP => 5.4

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Author: threedi Version: 2.0.9

Top Stats

The Top Stats extension displays some cool stats on your forum index.

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Author: dmzx Version: 1.0.1

Top Ten Topics

Conversion of Micogian MOD who display a box with new topics, top topics and new post. In this extension there is also an ACP module. In this version it works perfectly.

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Author: staffit Version: 0.1.0-RC9

Topic Age Day

Displays Topic age day to the viewforum.

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Author: dmzx Version: 1.0.2

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