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Karma extension for phpBB 3.1

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  • Jesse Feddema Jesse Feddema
    Role: Lead Developer
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Install Extension

Install in ACP

Use our Install tool to install this Extension. Navigate to "CUSTOMISE - Install extensions" in the ACP of your forum and search for phpBB Karma and click the install button.

Manual install

Download the archive of the extension from here and unpack it. Copy then the entire contents of the archive to your phpBB forum to /ext/phpbb/karma, maybe you need to remove "_master" from the extracted folder. Now go into the admin area of the forum and chose the tab Customize, in the area Manage extensions is you now the extension phpBB Karma displayed under the disable extensions. Click behind the extension on the link Enable to activate the extension. After you have confirmed the action the extension is available in your forum.

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phpBB Extension - Karma System

This is a karma extension for phpBB 3.1 and up. Development was started as part of the Google Summer of Code 2013. The extension allows registered board users to add or subtracts points from other users' karma scores by rating their posts. The karma scores are displayed publicly in places where user info is displayed (next to posts, on their profiles etcetera). Karma that is deemed unfair may be reported to the board moderators, who may then edit or delete the reported karma.


To install this extension, download a zip archive of it, create the folder ext/phpbb/karma in your phpBB root directory and extract the zip contents there. Then go to your Administration Control Panel, go to CUSTOMISE, then Extensions and enable the extension there.

Known Issues

Though lots of work has gone into the extension during the Google Summer of Code, it is not yet entirely finished. The following known issues may affect the use and/or further development of the extension:

  • Only the prosilver style is supported at the moment.
  • It is not yet possible to view all given karma in the ACP. Reported karma may be viewed and moderated in the MCP, though.
  • The confirm box for deleting karma as a moderator doesn't work at the moment because of issue 11850. It should start working again once this bug in phpBB is fixed.
  • No spam protection is implemented yet.
  • The test suite is far from complete.
  • Permissions are quite coarse-grained at the moment (only global permissions are implemented).
  • Only a British English translation is included, but it's easy to add more languages.
  • Code aesthetics may not be pleasing to every eye.

Also see the TODO comments in the code and the design document.

Extending the karma system

To allow users to give karma on other entities than posts, follow these steps:

  1. Write a class implementing phpbb_ext_phpbb_karma_includes_type_interface, and add it to services.yml with a name tag of 'karma.type'. Pro tip: base your class on phpbb_ext_phpbb_karma_includes_type_base to easily get a lot of useful dependencies injected for you.
  2. Add links that allow users to give karma on the new entity. Use the 'givekarma/{karma_type_name}/{item_id}' controller, and the 'score' GET parameter with 'positive' or 'negative' to prefill the score radio buttons. See event/main_listener.php and styles/prosilver/template/event/* of this extension for some example material.
  3. If you like, add the user karma score wherever you display user data. Again, see event/main_listener.php and styles/prosilver/template/event/* of this extension for some example material.
  4. Whenever an item of your newly added karma_type is deleted, make sure delete_karma_given_on_item() of karma.includes.manager is called.
  5. You're done!

Tests and Continuous Integration

Build Status

We use Travis-CI as a continuous integration server and PHPUnit for our unit testing. See more information on the phpBB development wiki.




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