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Authors of extension

  • Robert Heim Robert Heim
    Role: Lead Developer
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Install Extension

Install in ACP

Use our Install tool to install this Extension. Navigate to "CUSTOMISE - Install extensions" in the ACP of your forum and search for RH Topic Tags and click the install button.

Manual install

Download the archive of the extension from here and unpack it. Copy then the entire contents of the archive to your phpBB forum to /ext/robertheim/topictags, maybe you need to remove "_master" from the extracted folder. Now go into the admin area of the forum and chose the tab Customize, in the area Manage extensions is you now the extension RH Topic Tags displayed under the disable extensions. Click behind the extension on the link Enable to activate the extension. After you have confirmed the action the extension is available in your forum.

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phpBB 3.2 extension, that adds the ability to tag topics with key words.


  • add tags when posting a new topic
  • Tag suggestions based on existing tags
  • edit tags when editing first post of topic
  • SEO-optimization: tags are added to meta-content keywords in viewtopic
  • tags are shown in viewforum (can be disabled in acp)
  • enable tagging of topics on a per forum basis
  • Responsive layout
  • Full UTF-8 support
  • search topics by tag(s)
  • /tag/{tags}/{mode}/{casesensitive} shows topics tagged with all (mode=AND, default) or any (mode=OR) of the given tags, where tags are comma separated tags and casesensitive can be true to search case-sensitive or false (default), e.g.:
    • /tag/tag1,tag2/OR lists topics that are tagged with tag1 OR tag2 OR tAG2
    • /tag/tag1,tag2/AND lists topics that are tagged with [tag1 AND (tag2 OR tAG2)]
    • /tag/tag1,tag2 lists topics that are tagged with [tag1 AND (tag2 OR tAG2)] (mode=default=AND, casesensitive=default=false)
    • /tag/tag1,tAG2/AND/true lists topics that are tagged with (tag1 AND tAG2)
  • /tags shows a tag cloud
  • acp option for tag cloud to be displayed on board-index or not
  • acp option to limit count of tags shown in tag cloud on the index page
  • dynamic tag-size in tag cloud depending on its usage count
  • acp option to en/disable display of usage count of tags in tag cloud
Advanced configuration
  • configure a regex to decide which tags are valid and which are not
  • maintenance functions in ACP -> Extensions -> RH Topic Tags
  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
  • User and Mod+Admin permission for who can add/edit RH topic tags
  • spaces in tags are converted to "-" by default (you can disable it in ACP)
  • Manage existing tags in ACP
    • Delete tag
    • Rename tag
    • Merge tags (rename one tag to the same name as another tag and they will automatically be merged )


1. clone

Clone (or download an move) the repository into the folder phpBB3/ext/robertheim/topictags:

cd phpBB3
git clone ext/robertheim/topictags/
2. activate

Go to ACP -> tab Customise -> Manage extensions -> enable RH Topic Tags Go to ACP -> Forums -> edit/create any forum -> set Enable RH Topic Tags to Yes

3. configure

Goto ACP -> Extensions -> RH Topic Tags


Go to ACP -> tab Customise -> Manage extensions -> disable RH Topic Tags

cd phpBB3/ext/robertheim/topictags
git pull

Go to ACP -> tab Customise -> Manage extensions -> enable RH Topic Tags



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